UN salary & benefits

Roles, Salaries, Benefits of UN Agencies

The United Nations workforce is made up of different categories of staff. Within each category there are different levels, which reflect increasing levels of responsibilities and requirements. The information in this section will help you decide in which staff category, and at what level, you fit in.
This will be useful when you start searching and applying for jobs.
At the United Nations you progress in a category through merit and qualifications. There are, however, restrictions on movement between the different categories.

Different categories of staff at the United Nations:

Professional and higher categories (P and D)

For Professional Staff the salary is composed by two components: Base Salary and Post Adjustment. While Base salary is equal independently from the location, the postadjustment is a % to add to the base salary. For example in Geneva is currently 106% of the base salary whilst in Rome is 57%. The sum of the two components give the take home pay for the UN staff

- Entry level professionals (P1 and P2)
- Mid-level professionals (P3 and P4
- Senior level professionals (P5, D1 and D2)

General Service and related categories (G)

The functions in the General Service and related categories include administrative, secretarial and clerical support as well as specialized technical functions such as printing, security and buildings maintenance. The work carried out by General Service staff supports the functioning of the Organization and is typically procedural, operational or technical in nature.
Staff in the General Service and related categories are generally recruited locally from the area in
which the particular office is located but could be of any nationality. As a result, such staff members are usually not expected to move between different duty stations.

- Entry level/low qualified Gstaff (G1,G2 and G3)
- Mid-level Gstaff (G4 and G5)
- Senior level Gstaff (G6, G7)

National Professional Officers (NO)

National Professional Officers are normally locally recruited and perform functions at the professional level. The qualifications for National Professional Officers are the same as for the Professional category and require as a minimum a first-level university degree. Jobs for National
Professional Officers can only be found in non-headquarters duty stations.

- Entry level (NOA)
- Mid-level (NOB and NOC)
- Senior level (NOD)

Field Service (FS)

Staff in the Field Service category are normally recruited internationally to serve in field missions. You are expected to be highly mobile and to serve in different locations during your career.
Field Service staff members provide administrative, technical, logistics and other
support services to United Nations field missions. No field service position are assigned to G staff in category 1,2 and 3

- Mid-level (FS4 and FS5)
- Senior level (FS6 and FS7)