EU salary & benefits

Roles, Salaries, Benefits of EU Agencies

Commission officials do a wide range of tasks that are divided up into the following categories: administrators (AD), assistants (AST) or Secretaries/clerks (AST/SC) and contract agents/functional groups (FG)

As an administrator (AD) you can find yourself playing a key role in the EU's legislative and budgetary processes, from coordinating the broad economic policies of the Member States, taking part in negotiations with non-EU countries, helping run the common agricultural policy, or ensuring that Community law is uniformly interpreted and effectively applied. Whatever you do, the broad range of the EU's activities means that you can expect a high degree of responsibility from an early stage in your career. Grades for Administrators start from the entry level AD5 up to AD16.
As an assistant you may play an important role in the internal management of the Commission, notably in budgetary and financial affairs, personnel work, computing or librarianship. You may also assist in implementing policies in various areas of EU activities.As a secretary/clerk you may play an important role being responsible for secretarial and clerical work and ensuring the efficient operation of an administrative unit. Grades for assistants start from the entry level AST/SC1 up to AST4. The career might continue applying the same salaries of Administrator but with different responsibilities.
As a contract agent you may perform a wide range of jobs, which require different levels of qualifications. As a result, contract agents are split up into 18 grades divided into four function groups according to the types of duty performed and covering very specific job specifications.

The four function groups are defined as follows:

(grades 13-18)

administrative, advisory, linguistic and equivalent technical tasks;

(grades 8-12)

executive tasks, drafting, accountancy and other equivalent technical tasks;

(grades 4-7)

clerical or secretarial tasks, office management and other equivalent tasks;

(grades 1-3)

manual and administrative support-service tasks.