Interjob is
available on Apple
Store and Google Play.

Try a free version first for seven days and then choose the subscription period more suitable for you.

Welcome to Interjob app,
the job finder in international

Interjob is a newly created mobile app that works as job seeker in the labour market
of international organizations (United Nation System and European
Union Agencies).

Interjob is the first app of this kind and is quick, user friendly and really powerful.

The app is a job search tool that is capable to extract in a unique database almost 1500 published vacancies and propose 150 new jobs everyday. The app will be your key for success in finding a job in an international organization.
The difference with otherwesites offering similar services is the fact that interjob

Gives you the opportunity to apply multiple criteria that run at the same time.

Therefore your search is much quicker than before and in addition everything is portable. Your mobile is your searching tool and you do not need to spend hours in front of your desktop.